Profesni zivotopis

I am providing legal counsels in in all branches of law save criminal law, tax law and social welfare law. I will elaborate legal opinions, legal analysis, draft agreements, support you in negotiations of agreements and deals, prepare legal suit and conduct judicial and arbitration dispute. During my practice I have gained special expertise especially in following law branches:

Commercial Law


I have established and incorporated companies including their registration into commercial registry. Furthermore, I have prepared and made all company, corporate changes – e.g. mergers, transfer or sale of business shares, corporate board members´ changes, increase and decrease of registered capital, holding and relations in holding, liquidation of companies. Trade licenses and other permits to carry entrepreneurial activity

Part of my practice was acquiring trade licenses for client and notification of all changes relating to trade licenses to the trade license office, appointment and recall of responsible representative and termination of carrying entrepreneurial activity.


Representation of a client in bankruptcy especially submission of receivables after bankrupt is basic element of my legal services.

Receivables, their claiming and execution

I have claimed and enforced clients´ receivables including claiming them before the court and conduct execution on receivables.


I have assisted foreign and Czech clients during acquisitions of undertakings and companies in the Czech Republic. Due diligence, due diligence report draft, negotiation of acquisition and security of acquisition, cooperation with financing banks and foreign law firms representing clients and counter party were essential part of my practice relating to acquisitions.


I have drafted and negotiated contracts, business terms and deals for clients.

Trade Marks

Trade mark law and registration of Czech, EU and international trade marks is also focus of my legal counsels.

Counselling to Enterpreneurs

I have provided entrepreneurs with complex legal services lying in ensuring compliance of carrying business activity with law, all changes we notified in time, drafting business terms, drafting agreements, etc.

Public Tenders

Legal counsels of the whole range relating to public tenders have been also provided by me. I have drafted and reviewed bids of tenderers, elaborated objections to tendering authority and complaints to Competion Office, legal opinions relating to public tenders.

Moreover, I have counselled, drafted and reviewed documents for tendering authority when granting public tender.

Civil Law

Real Estates

I have assisted clients to purchase apartments, house or land plot from developer or provate person. The purchase price was financed by bank or from client´s own finances. I have helped and negotiated with bank of client and bank of seller.

I will help you with construction of your house and to agree agreement on work with construction company, to solve problems and disputes with construction company and to register you house into real estate cadastre.

Advising developers in their entire activities including land plots developing, constructing buildings, registration of new buildings, apartments and non-residential premises and sale of individual apartments and non-residential premises to purchasers.


I have represented clients in heritage proceedings as heirs and creditor of receivable after deceased. Last wills were drafted and arranged for drawing up by notary public by me. Partnership of owners of apartments and non-residential premises in a house.

I have assisted by establishment and incorporation of partnership of owners, its registration into commercial registry and making of all changes. I have represented partnership when enforcing debt leases and debt advances on and on payments for administration of common parts of house and into the funds of partnership.


Counselling to lessees, landlords in matters relating to lease of apartments and non-residential premises including representations before the court.

Family Law

I have represented clients in constriction of joint matrimonial property through notary deed and court.Divorce and division of matrimonial property have been dealt with and arranged by me for clients too.

Administrative Law

Representation before authorities of the Czech Republic especially before construction office, trade license office, Competition Office, Personal Data Protection Office, Intellectual Property Office. Help to acquire residence permit in the Czech Republic to you, your relatives, your business partners and your friends is offered by me.

Labour Law

I have counselled employers, employees and drafted all labour law agreements and documents.
My practice has involved employment brokerage and acquisition of license to broker employment.

EU Law

My practice and expertise includes also EU law, especially competition law and state aids law.


I represented clients as plaintiffs or defendants in judicial and arbitration disputes before the court and arbitration court.
In case of non-fulfilment of judgment I filed for execution (forcible fulfilment of judgement) and represented client in execution.


My remuneration is 2,500 CZK per hour plus VAT. The billing is done in 15 minutes. Thus, I will not bill every commenced hour by 2,500 CZK plus VAT.
To every act of legal counsel costs in the amount of 75 CZK under advocacy tariff is billed.