Profesni zivotopis

I think that legal counselling and legal counsels must be provided in top quality and in time as the client needs it. And this philosophy governs my legal counsels.

My focus is to think up and provide client with solution and I hate saying that something cannot be done. I provide legal services tailored for you so that they would satisfy your needs and as you need it.

Entrusting me with your confidential information in relation to providing legal services creates unique relation and bond between you and me as attorney that is accompanied by mutual trust. I appreciate your trust and this bond very much. When counselling my clients I always defend my clients´ interests and rights. I keep absolute confidence on everything I learned in relation to providing legal counsels to you.

With pleasure and enthusiasm I will cooperate with you and assist you in solving your problems, life situations, realisation of your plans, fulfilling your plans and wishes and defend your rights and interests.

I am very enthusiastic about my work and legal counselling. Advocacy is not just means of making money to me but my hobby and means of self-realisation through successful attaining your goals and realisation of your plans.

I am counselling entrepreneurs, companies and private persons all over the Czech Republic via personal meetings, phone and email.

In case of your need and after agreement I will work for you 24 hours a day and all week days.

I provide legal counsels in Czech and English.

I have practised all law branches save criminal law, tax law and social welfare law. For further description, please, see professional profile.